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Digital Tools for Evaluation of Land in Urban Development

Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont (Chalmers) and Åsa Gren (KVA)

The project aims to develop knowledge, tools and procedures for the evaluation of land in urban development and consists of two parts. First, the development of digital tools that can with precision can measure selected interventions in the spatial form of cities on a detailed level. Second, the development of procedures for economic evaluation of such interventions, and potentially integrating them in one and the same digital tool. The driving idea behind the project is that the spatial form of cities structures urban systems of social, economic and ecological kinds in a way that increases the value of them, which in turn means that the spatial form of cities constitutes what can be called a spatial capital that represents an extraordinary value and that this capital is exactly what is created in urban planning and design practice.

Project timeframe: 2021 - 2023

Funding: Formas 

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