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Master theses 

The master thesis direction is an urban design and planning direction engaged in the form and structure of cities and how their design can be used to

create urban environments that promote citizens health and wellbeing, but also increase biodiversity and reduce climate change impact. The understanding of the intriguing relation between the city as we design and materialize it and the urban life that it affords, is central for this direction. Literature, seminars and spatial analysis tools help you to assess whether your proposed design interventions contribute to the set goals in the thesis.

Read more about master thesis direction at Chalmers >>>

SMoS Studio projects

The main goal of the SMoG Design Studio is to strengthen students’ understanding of how urban form provides a framework and creates conditions for social and environmental processes in cities.

Central to the studio are theories and methods in analytical Urban Morphology, especially network analysis (Space Syntax) and density analysis (Spacematrix), used to arrive at what can be called an evidence-based-design methodology.

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