Fusion Point Gothenburg

Working group: Lars Marcus, Åsa Swan, Carl Mossfeldt

Gothenburg is facing the greatest urban transitions in Scandinavia. The River City-project here constitutes the largest and most decisive of these development projects. Combined with high political ambitions, this presents unprecedented challenges. Against the background of new academic development in spatial morphology, critical planning theory and theory on institutions and governance, Älvstranden Utveckling AB, a company owned by the City of Gothenburg given the task of coordinating and realizing the River City project political vision, in 2016 initiated a large knowledge implementation project in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology. The central aim being to implement these new knowledge developments in practice. The project is design driven in the sense that the project is based on a series of smaller projects from all the fields listed above that support an extensive series of workshops over three years based on real development issues in the River City project, with knowledge that challenges current procedures in the aim to reach new forms of practice. Naturally, there are also extensive feed-back loops, where practice guides research on the relevance and usability of new knowledge. The individual projects will be presented in a series of publications currently under review and in October 2018 the first seminar in a series of four initiated the final year of the project, which will be concluded with an international conference in the autumn 2019.

Projects developed within Fusion Point framework:

Time Model

Urban design Calculator

Project timeframe: 2018 –  2019