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Morphology and Greening for Noise and Air quality

Increase the city's capacity by dealing with noise and air pollution through urban morphology and greening

Project leader is Jens Forssén, Technical acoustics, Chalmers. Other involved researchers are Laura Estévez Mauriz, Technical acoustics, Chalmers; Marie Haeger-Eugensson, COWI; Meta Berghauser Pont, Urban Planning and Design, Chalmers; and representatives of Gothenburg and Lerum. The project is funded by Formas

The project  addresses the combined challenge of noise and air pollution in dense urban environments. One of the solutions can be found in urban morphology, that is, the form and position of buildings and green areas in relation to the roads.


We know that air and noise pollution have a significant negative impact on urban environments. To date, noise and air quality are often handled separately. This is ineffective, imposes unnecessary construction costs and can lead to an unnecessary poor living environment, or missed opportunities for new housing developments.


The aim of the project is to develop guidelines for planning, combining the effects of air and noise pollution with regard to urban morphology and the use of greening such as trees, shrubs and low vegetation.

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Project timeframe: 2018  –2021

Funding: Formas

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