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Markens murar

Lars Marcus book

As the result of a pilot project on digital tools for the evaluation of land development a book is written by Lars Marcus discussing the theoretical foundations for such evaluation. On the one hand it addresses how land development through urban planning and design can be measured, speaking specifically about the spatial changes of a cities spatial form, but also how this effect other urban systems like social networks, economic markets and urban ecosystems. On the other hand, it discusses the possibilities of evaluating such changes in economic terms, where the book takes a deep turn through the history of economics and how the particular production factor land has been conceptualized and understood. The basic argument of the book is that the spatial form of cities structures urban systems of social, economic and ecological kinds in a way that increases the value of them, which in turn means that the spatial form of cities constitutes what can be called a spatial capital that represents an extraordinary value.

Project timeframe: 2020 - 2022

Funding: Framtiden AB 

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