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Mistra Sport & Outdoors

Jorge Gil, Anders Larsson, Gothenburg University

Ann Legeby, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a research programme to generate knowledge and solutions for increased sustainability in sport and outdoor recreation, involving the collaboration between research, organisations, authorities and companies.

Jorge Gil is researcher in the Sustainable transport solutions theme. The opportunities for everyday physical activity and to be close to recreation, relaxation and exercise are becoming increasingly important for well-being and public health in general. But many are, or feel, dependent on private cars or flights to practise sport and outdoor recreation. The big question is how we can remain active, while at the same time reducing and making transport more sustainable. The way we plan our cities and communities greatly impacts people’s ability to reach recreational places and practise different kinds of leisure activities. Being able to get to your sports activity or a weekend excursion in an environmentally friendly way is crucial from a sustainability perspective. Questioning this relation and coming up with new ways of working, tools and methods to support the integration of transport and the physical environment when planning for sustainable outdoor recreation, are the main aims of this research.

Project timeframe: 2020 –  2024

Funding: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra

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