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National road infrastructure effects

Effect assessment of road infrastructure in urban environments

Meta Berghauser Pont, Ioanna Stavroulaki, Oskar Kindvall (Calluna)

This project aims at highlighting the effects of infrastructure projects in urban situations with hindsight to the goals related to environmental, socioeconomic and cultural historical goals using spatial analysis. 

The overall goal is to contribute to an improved integration between infrastructure and city realm in infrastructure projects developed by the Swedish Transport Authority, Trafikverket. It builds on the ILKA (Integrerad landskapskaraktärsanalys) method, currently used by the Swedish Transport Authority. ILKA focuses mainly on the inventory of the current landscape on a regional scale and in this project, we will widen the scope to also address urban landscapes and by including besides the ecological descriptions, also socio-economic and cultural-historical analysis that currently are less emphasized. 

A common method can contribute to improving the ability of the Swedish Transport Authority to develop sustainable projects in urban areas and to create a unified work procedure in the organization. 

Project timeframe: 2020 –  2021

Funding: Swedish Transport Authority - Trafikverket

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