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Fusion Point Gothenburg final seminars

Updated: May 15, 2020

Lars Marcus presented a synthesis of the extensive work that SMoG has contributed to the three year-project Fusion Point Gothenburg at its final seminars 21-22 January 2020. Fusion Point Gothenburg is a research collaboration between Chalmers and Älvstranden utveckling AB, aiming to advance knowledge in complex urban development projects, that also has come to include scholars from both Gothenburg University and Yale School of Architecture. From SMoG the contribution has included participation in several workshops, seminars, hearings and study trips, but also several reports (in Swedish) about spatial morphology and urban design aimed for practitioners in the field. Fusion Point Gothenburg has also allowed SMoG to develop support tools for practice, such as the “Urban calculator” and “Time model Gothenburg”.

Link to the project site, includes the seminar presentations and the GIS tools:

Link to the English project description:


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