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Gianna Stavroulaki at the Space Syntax Laboratory virtual seminar this week

Gianna Stavroulaki will be presenting research on "Modelling the spatial form of the city and its relation to pedestrian flows" at the Space Syntax Laboratory virtual seminar on Thursday November 26th 4:00-5:00 pm UK time.

Description: Street centrality, built density, land division. Since 2015 the Spatial Morphology Group has been developing a descriptive-analytical model of the spatial form of the city, combining what we see as the basic components of urban form and the basic elements of urban design - streets, buildings and plots. Through morphological, analytical and empirical studies, we have been focusing on the individual and combined effects of the elements of spatial form to processes of social, economic and ecological nature. In this presentation we will focus on the driver of many socio-economic processes, that is pedestrian flows. How do street centrality, built density and land division affect pedestrian flows, individually and combined? How do centrality and density types distribute pedestrian movement in the city, spatially and temporally? We will go through 3 related studies, using original empirical data gathered in a large international pedestrian survey, from almost 60 neighbourhoods in Stockholm Amsterdam and London, during October 2017.


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