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Keynote speech and PST workshop at the 13th Space Syntax Symposium in Bergen

Gianna Stavroulaki was invited to give a keynote speech at the closing session of the 13th International Space Syntax Symposium in Bergen on June 24th. Within the theme ‘Directions of Space Syntax’, Gianna talked about ‘Space Syntax modelling of pedestrian flows for sustainable urban development’, framing the research direction and suggesting prioritized future research objectives within the Sustainable Development research agenda. She showcased using examples from the latest work being done by her and her SMoG colleagues.

During the workshop sessions on June 20th, Gianna Stavroulaki and Meta Berghauser Pont from SMoG, Chalmers, together with Ann Legeby and Daniel Koch from KTH, organized the 2nd Place Syntax Tool workshop.

Find out more about the conference here >>>


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