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Lars Marcus publishes article at Dagens Nyheter debatt

Lars Marcus and Holger Wallbaum published an article at Dagens Nyheter debatt, Sunday 25 August. In short it argues that to respond to current environmental challenges, we have now reached a stage where we must address systemic changes, for instance of the Swedish tax system. The authors propose a major shift from taxes on labor to taxes on land, where land both concerns natural resources and land to build on. Lower taxes on labor and higher taxes on land in the meaning natural resources, would create incentives for a shift from production of resource intensive consumer goods to labor intensive quality products, but also lessen costs for labor in the public sector, such as nurses, teachers and policemen. For land in the meaning land to build on, not least in cities, it would create incentives for less land speculation, which in turn would lessen rapidly rising land and housing prices, which creates reoccurring instability in the economy, but also lessen the redistribution of land values from the periphery to the centre, both on national and urban level, which currently is creating social equality and discontent.

For the full article in Swedish follow the link >>>


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