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New article in Advances in Social Science Research Journal

A new article has been published by Lars Marcus and Mohammad Sarraf in Advances in Social Science Research Journal: Cities and Cultural Diversity – is there a spatial form for multiculturalism.

While the affinity between society and the spatial form of cities is generally

acknowledged, the actual connection between them is seldom formalized. How

urban form distributes people and resources in urban space and how this may underpin

social relations, is rarely discussed in politics. Rather urban development is treated in

broad numbers, such as housing units. Since urban form is a central task in urban

planning and design, this is unfortunate given current challenges presented by

migration, multiculturality and growing inequality in cities. In the effort to

demonstrate such a link more thoroughly, this article addresses the spatial form of

multiculturalism. Importantly, the aim is not to argue for or against multiculturalism

or any particular take on cultural diversity, but rather how a political concept of this

kind more precisely may be translated into spatial form. In support, the article will

look into new developments in theory and methodology of spatial morphology known

as space syntax.


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