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New article in Royal Statistical Society _ Series A: Statistics in Society

New publication by Meta Berghauser Pont and Gianna Stavroulaki in collaboration with David Bolin, mathematician from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Vilhelm Verendel and Oscar Ivarsson, data analysts from BIG DATA@Chalmers and Erik Hakansson, in Royal Statistical Society_Series A. Statistics in Society:

Bolin D, Verendel V, Berghauser Pont M, Stavroulaki I, Ivarsson O, Hakansson E. (2021) “Functional ANOVA modelling of pedestrian counts on streets in three European Cities”. J R Stat Soc Series A. 00:1–23.

The article is the 3rd of a series of articles analysing empirical data on pedestrian movement collected by the Spatial Morphology Group in November 2017 in Stockholm, Amsterdam and London, using tracking of anonymised wi-fi signals from mobile phones. The previous two articles are:

Berghauser Pont M, Stavroulaki G, Marcus L. (2019) "Development of urban types based on network centrality, built density and their impact on pedestrian movement". Environment and Planning B: Urban analytics and city science, 46(8): 1549–1564,

Stavroulaki G, Bolin D, Berghauser Pont M, Marcus L, Hakansson E (2019) "Statistical modelling and analysis of big data on pedestrian movement", In: Proceedings of 12th International Space Syntax symposium, pp. 79.1-79-24.


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