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New article in Urban Morphology journal

Lars Marcus and Meta Berghauser Pont have published a new article in Urban Morphology journal together with Stephan Barthel from Gävle University. The article is called "Towards a socio-ecological spatial morphology: integrating elements of urban morphology and landscape ecology".

The recent shift towards greater emphasis on biodiversity and urban ecosystems has increased the need for greater understanding of the green areas in cities as ecological environments. However, landscape ecology and urban morphology have yet to be integrated into a joint field. In this paper steps are taken towards developing an integrated socio-ecological urban morphology based on developments in each field. Such a morphology can inform professional practice in urban design. Comparisons of the different objects of description in the two fields are made and their different means of description-notably the patches, corridors and the matrix in landscape ecology, and the streets, plots and buildings in urban morphology. This provides a basis for a joint description in which these elements together form a configuration of patches.

Read the full article in Urban Morphology journal >>>

A combined socio-ecological morphology in which two types of geometrical representation are proposed: patches describing social entities (left), patches describing ecological entities (middle) and combined socio-ecological entities, such as elements that form part of both natural and human habitats (right).


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