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New article on the performance of urban form types in global urban climate studies

Ahmed Eldesoky, a guest PhD researcher with SMoG, has published together with Jorge Gil and Meta Berghauser Pont a new research article in Urban Climate. The study examines on a global scale the performance of the Local Climate Zone (LCZ) classification for surface temperature studies. It finds that the different built LCZs have different impact on land surface temperature (LST) within most macroclimates, and have an equivalent relative impact with changing macroclimate. However, LST of the standard built LCZs are not representative in the arid climate.

You can access the full article here:

Eldesoky AHM, Gil J and Pont MB (2021) "The suitability of the urban local climate zone classification scheme for surface temperature studies in distinct macroclimate regions". Urban Climate 37: 100823.


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