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New articles published in Environment and Planning B

Two new articles have been published in the Special Issue on Urban Big Data Analytics and Morphology, Environmental Planning B. The first by Meta Berghauser Pont et al. presenting the results of the International Spatial Morphology Laboratory (SMoL) and especially the development of street, plot and building types. The second presenting a new measure unifying urban activity, attraction and accessibility by Alexander Hellervik et al.

(a) Most frequent composite types for five European cities; (b) most frequent composite type for each building type and city (highlighted composite type corresponds to the maps shown in (a); (c) key for a. (Berghauser Pont et al. 2019)

Preferential spatial error model: Predictions (top left), empirical land value (top right) and local weights (bottom left) are normalised with regard to zone area. Spatial residuals (bottom right) show the remaining spatially autocorrelated error term. (Hellervik et al.)


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