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NEW version of PST (Place Syntax Tool) for QGIS!

New PST 3.2.3 version for QGIS is free to download at:

Updated documentation here:

The main changes from the previous 3.1.4 version are:

· Angular betweenness is added as a separate function (so far it was part of Network betweenness)

· The 'Create segment map' function to create line segment maps from Axial maps and RoadCenterLine maps is updated. In the new version when the input is a RCL map, the tool returns a segment map and a table/layer of automatically generated Unlinks (points of grade separation, e.g.bridges or tunnels). So far, in order to use the 'Create segment map' tools, the users had to provide the Unlinks file themselves.

· A new normalization option is added to Angular integration.

· A new experimental function, named 'Segment group integration' is added. It was originally presented in: Stavroulaki et al 2017, ‘Representations of street networks in space syntax – towards flexible maps and multiple graphs', 11th Space Syntax Symposium, Lisbon


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