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Participation at Transportforum 2020

This year SMoG was represented at Transportforum 2020 by two researchers.

Alexander Hellervik presented 'Urban centralitet som en självförstärkande process – nya beräkningsmetoder för stadsomvandling' ('Urban centrality as a self-reinforcing process – new computational models for urban change'). The presentation covered the preferential centrality method for computing potential urban activity – the underlying rationale, empirical support and possible planning applications.

Job van Eldijk presented 'Sociala effekter av transportinfrastrukturens barriärer' ('Social impacts of the barriers of transport infrastructure'). The presentation focused on principles for adapting quantitative indicators of barrier effects of transport infrastructure for different social groups.

Abstracts (in Swedish) can be found under Session 4.9:

Image by Alexander Hellervik.


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