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Publication of Social Ecological Urbanism Studio 2021 projects

The books present the results of the Design Studio 2021 where students, in teams, developed five Masterplans for two areas in Gothenburg. Two areas are selected for the development of Masterplans. The first north of the river starting where the new bridge lands and links the city centre to Brunnsbo, Backa and Kärra (Volume 1). The second location is south of the river linking the city centre to Mölndal (Volume 2). The challenge addressed this year was to transform these disconnected and less dense areas into more vital and connected places, where besides socio-economic performance, ecological performance is also in focus.

The main goal of the Design Studio is to strengthen students’ understanding of how urban form provides a framework and creates conditions for social and environmental processes. Theories and methods in analytical Urban Morphology, especially network analysis (Space Syntax) and density analysis (Spacematrix), are used to arrive at what can be called an evidence-based-design methodology.

For the online publications follow the links below:


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