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SMoG at BEYOND2020 conference

This week we are busy presenting, attending or chairing sessions at the BEYOND2020 conference organised this year by Chalmers. In case you are attending, you can see our work (live or recorded) in the following sessions:

D1_01_S1 Densification: A systematic review of the scientifically demonstrated effects of densification - Meta Berghauser Pont

and A systematic review of motives for densification in Swedish planning practice - Per Haupt and Meta Berghauser Pont

D1_02_S6 Urban design: A systematic review of the scientific literature on the theme of multi-functional streets - Ioanna Stavroulaki and Meta Berghauser Pont

D2_03_S3 Architectural morphology - planning support: The social dimension of barrier effects of transport infrastructure - Job Van Eldijk

D2_06_S3 City Information models: Mapping the spatial distribution of the effects of urban traffic congestion: methodological exploration using web based services - Jonathan Cohen and Jorge Gil

The papers will be published after the conference in ResearchGate:


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