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Spatial Morphology Studio Exhibition at Chalmers

Exhibition of the results of the Spatial Morphology Design Studio (ARK142)

Location: Ljusgården, Chalmers, Sven Hultins gata 6

Time: Monday November 18 (13:00) until Friday November 22 (13:00)

Global urbanization is not only a challenge of how to house new citizens, but especially to determine which qualities we want to see emerge in cities, which puts unprecedented expectations on urban planning and design. The main goal of the SMoG design studio is to strengthen students’ understanding of how urban form provides and creates conditions for urban life.

The exhibition in Ljusgården presents the results of the SMoG Design Studio 2019 where students, in teams, developed four Masterplans and 18 detailed plans for two areas in Gothenburg: Hisingen and Frölunda. The goal for this year was to transform these disconnected areas into vital interconnected places with focus on urban and green qualities.

For the online publications follow the links below:

>> Frölunda masterplans

>> Hisingen masterplan


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