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The open lecture of Anne Vernez Moudon

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to the open lecture ‘URBAN BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH BEHAVIORS: A REVIEW OF THEORIES AND RESEARCH METHODS’by Anne Vernez Moudon, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington

The lecture will present a brief outline of how the built environment can affect health; including a review both of the mechanisms that are believed to link environment and health with a focus on physical activity and weight status, and of methods used to  measure and analyze the relationship between environment and health behaviors. The talk will address more general issues of environment and health as well as more specific methodological issues related to concepts and measures of the built environment.

Anne Vernez Moudon is a longstanding leading scholar in urban morphology and spatial analysis. In a unique way, she has bridged between qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study of the spatial form of cities, where one of her recurring themes has been its role for urban health. She was also a pioneer on the study of plot systems and their role for urban dynamics.

Venue: Kunskapstrappan

Time: 4 December 2019, 16:30

View the full lecture here >>>


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