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Urban calculator: Naturvårdsverket grant to SMoG researchers

The research group SmoG at Chalmers just got 600 tkr from Naturvårdsverket to develop a design support tool.

The project provides cutting edge technology for architects and planners in urban development projects through a new generation of advanced but easy-to-use technology that enables analysis of design proposals with regard to system and sustainability effects. The application gives both "hard facts" in numbers and "soft facts" in reference images showing streets and/or urban areas with similar values as the designed proposal.

More concretely, it provides insight the streets centralities, the neighbourhoods’ density and accessibility to green space as well as ecosystems capacity. The project will result in a digital design tool available through Chalmers.

Meta Berghauser Pont, SMoG Research at Chalmers (ACE), will lead the project.

More info at Chalmers website >>


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