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With this tool you can explore the effectiveness of higher density (as a means) for achieving sustainable urban development (the goal). To provide an evidence base that covers, as broadly as possible, the relevant links between density and environmental, social and economic outcomes, a systematic literature review was performed including 229 empirical studies published in peer-reviewed journals (see also the publication Berghauser Pont et al. 2021.

The results show a strong dichotomy between, on the one hand, the positive effects of density on public infrastructure, mobility and economics and, on the other hand, the negative environmental, social and health impacts. This creates a challenging task for urban planners to balance these two, while at the same time acknowledging the need for some form of densification to handle current urbanisation rates. This overview of research results can be helpful by offering more accurate descriptions of effects, by providing support in trade-offs, and by providing motivation for compensatory measures that can eliminate or mitigate any negative effects

Collaboration: Chalmers, BTH, SLU, Boverket, Norrköping Kommun


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