Spatial Morphology Lab

International laboratory for comparative research in urban form 

Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont, Ioanna Stavroulaki, Evgeniya Bobkova, Ehsan Abshirini, Jesper Olsson, Kailun Sun, Jorge Gil, Birgit Hausleitner,  Ann Legeby, Ashley Dhanani

The core objective of the project is to develop and test consistent and sound methodologies and techniques for measuring central variables of spatial urban form, focusing on the variables Distance, Density and Diversity, as well as the interplay between them. Describing and understanding how these spatial variables influence mobility in cities, as the central drive of urban dynamics, will help us better grasp how urban movement in turn underpins and structures broader urban processes of a social, economic and environmental kind.

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Project timeframe: 2015  –  2018

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