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Städernas stenar

Lars Marcus book

As part of the summation of the large collaboration project between Älvstranden Utveckling AB, Chalmers ACE and Yale University a book is written by Lars Marcus, summarizing essential issues concerning the spatial form of cities, such as density and closeness, center and periphery, absolute and relative locations. The book draws heavily on over twenty years of research on spatial urban form by the author and his colleagues both at KTH and Chalmers. Its aim is, first to help clarify some of the complexities of spatial urban form to the public, second, to present new and more powerful foundation for urban design practice and, third, argue for greater exchange between the new knowledge developments on spatial urban form in architectural research and the social sciences, especially when they address urban issues.

Project timeframe: 2020 –  2021

Funding: Älvstranden Utveckling AB 

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