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STIP (Stadsformsmodeller i praktiken)

Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont (Chalmers) and Ann Legeby (KTH)

In collaboration with KTH School of Architecture, SMoG has conducted a large educational project with the City Planning Office in Gothenburg. The project aims at taking the first step of introducing the theories methods and models developed at SMoG for analysis and interpretation of spatial urban form, specifically for the city of Gothenburg.

The project consists of four parts. First, 4 lecture occasions (4X4 20-minute lectures) introducing the theoretical foundations of space syntax, place syntax and spacematrix modelling, with examples of application attracting over 100 participants on each occasion. Second, 4 seminars, discussing critical issues with such modelling deepening the understanding for a group of 16 people. Third, 4 workshops for a group of 6 people learning how to apply the actual tools in such modelling as well as training the interpretation of them. 4, developing a manual for applying this knowledge based on the development of a new comprehensive plan for Biskopsgården.

The project is part of similar courses held at the City of Stockholm and Östersund driven by KTH with the attempt to introduce new knowledge, skills and tools in Swedish urban design practice. Importantly, this is very much in line with current public attempts to digitalize the Swedish planning process but specifically use the potentials offered by digitalization to introduce new conceptions, knowledge and procedures in this practice that may eventually also influence institutional framework of the planning process.

Project timeframe: 2020 –  2021

Funding: City of Gothenburg, the City Planning Office 

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