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Urban Station Communities

Meta Berghauser Pont, Ioanna, Stavroulaki, Sanna Isemo, Ida Lindbergh, Javier Falla Arce (Gothenburg Region)

Stations increase the accessibility at regional and national level and create potential for urban development. However, areas around stations are often also affected by barrier effects and noise with potential negative consequences for social and economic sustainability. An increased understanding of the positive and negative consequences of urban development around stations as well as an evaluation of solutions based on the sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030 would lead to better planning and development of future station communities.

The project is mainly related to the Swedish Transport Administration's prioritized research and innovation theme Planning (Planera), but can also be linked to Enabling, Building and Strategic initiatives (Möjliggöra, Bygga och Strategiska initiativ).

The project is carried out in close collaboration between the Centre for Sustainable Urban Futures, Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Gothenburg region, with advisers from Urban and Regional Studies, KTH and Building Technology, Dalarna University.

Partner organizations

  • Dalarna university (Academic, Sweden)

  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)

Project timeframe: 2020 –  2022

Funding: Swedish Transport Agency / Trafikverket

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